Kevin's Story

Chub Champion Kevin is a coach who has dedicated his life to helping chubby gay men find the one they will love.

Finding love and keeping a relationship going aren't easy sometimes but now you have a coach to help you on your journey.

Coach Kevin has found over the years that successful dating and developing a relationship requires several different skills and knowledge because we are all differnt.

These skills and knowledge are what can transform anyone into a person who finds love no matter what their situation.

Welcome aboard and I look forward to working with you 1 on 1.

Chubstance was created and he began to have group meetings with chubs in the Austin area. 8 out of the 13 members who attended found partners. And he knew he had something that was needed in the community.. 

He has been married for 3 years now and with his partner for over 9 years .He has coached several chubby gay men groups on finding love and presented at 2 official bear events.

He created Love For The Chub which offers tools to support chubby gay men in finding love with chasers.

He created a Private Facebook group, Finding Love With A Chaser, that focuses on finding, attracting and communicating with chasers to build a committed relationship, for those serious about finding love in 2024.